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5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

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Windows are a fast way to enhance the appearance of your home, both from the inside and the outside. When you’re considering new window options, remember these five benefits of energy-efficient windows:

  1. Efficiency: Old windows let air in and out, minimizing your ability to control your home’s environment and raising your energy costs. Energy-efficient windows keep your climate-controlled air inside, making it far easier and far less expensive to heat and cool your home.
  2. Comfort: Ever sit next to a window and feel the cold coming through? One of the great benefits of energy efficient windows is that you don’t feel the heat or the cold emanating through. Instead, you simply enjoy the comfort of your home.
  3. Lighting: Energy-savings windows are designed for climate control, but they’re also designed for maximum light. You get the increased clarity of new windows and enhanced natural light as well as the climate-controlling abilities of energy-efficient windows.
  4. Protection: While increased light can sometimes cause floors, carpets, furniture and walls to fade in color, energy-saving windows are created to block damaging rays and protect your home and its furnishings.
  5. Savings: All of these benefits of energy-efficient windows add up to one thing: savings. You save on energy costs, and you save on the cost of replacing faded and worn furniture and floors.

If you need expert guidance while weighing your window options, contact HomeStar Remodeling. Our specialty is walking alongside homeowners just like you as you try to improve the look, feel and function of your home.

Contact HomeStar Remodeling today about your energy efficient window options.

5 Types of Kitchen Windows to Choose From

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Thinking of renovating your kitchen but discouraged by the cost? Many homeowners don’t realize that simply replacing their kitchen windows with a new design of style can create a dramatic new look far less expensively than a full renovation.

As you consider your new kitchen window options, here’s a brief explanation of five kitchen window styles:

  1. Double-Hung Windows: This classic look provides fantastic ventilation. Double-hung windows allow you to open the top half while keeping the bottom half closed.
  2. Casement Windows: Casement windows offer outward crank opening rather than sliding up or down. When you picture flinging the windows open to let fresh spring or fall air in, you’re picturing casement windows.
  3. Awning Windows: Let the breeze in when you choose awning windows. Awning windows open upward rather that swinging out from the side.
  4. Picture Windows: When you desire superior natural light and unobstructed views, nothing beats a picture window. Picture windows are clear and without framing, but they’re not great for ventilation. Consider placing them high in walls or in hard-to-reach areas of your kitchen.
  5. Bay Windows: Bay windows provide multiple views. They provide air circulation, natural light and character when placed over sinks adjacent to breakfast room tables and in other areas of your kitchen.

Need expert guidance when considering your window or roof options? HomeStar Remodeling works each day with homeowners just like you who are trying to enhance the look and feel of their homes.

Contact HomeStar Remodeling today about new kitchen windows and all of your other home needs.

DIY Homemade Window Cleaner

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Do you know what’s in the household cleaners at the store? While they can help your home look great and smell fantastic, they’re also filled with toxins. That’s one of the reasons so many homeowners are choosing homemade window cleaner. Enjoy three great benefits when you choose all-natural window cleaner:

  • You’re saving money
  • You’re doing the environment a favor
  • You’re getting those toxins out of your home

DIY window cleaner is nothing new. Many swear by using newspaper to apply vinegar. Others are familiar with the streak-less power of cornstarch. But if you’re in need of a homemade window cleaner recipe that is guaranteed to get results, try this recipe:

Combine the following in a spray bottle:

  • ? cup vinegar
  • ? cup rubbing alcohol
  • 1 tablespoon cornstarch
  • 2 cups water
  • 10 drops of essential oil (optional)

Shake vigorously.

Apply to windows and wipe.

You’ll find that your windows look just as good as when you use grocery store options, and you’ll find that the cleaner smells just as good if you choose to incorporate essential oils. You’ll be using an environmentally friendly cleaning product, and you’ll be saving money. Best of all: You won’t have the aforementioned toxins hanging out underneath your kitchen and bathroom sinks. What could be better?

At HomeStar Remodeling, we know windows — how to care for them and how to replace them. If your windows have worn to the point of needing replacement, contact us about energy efficient windows for homes in Delaware, Pennsylvania and South New Jersey.

Get in touch with HomeStar Remodeling about your window needs.

Top 5 Reasons to Get New Windows for Your Home

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When you’re looking for ways to boost your home’s appearance and value, look no further than new windows. Many homeowners don’t consider this improvement project. It’s not an obvious or particularly exciting upgrade. But there’s a secret that many homeowners may not know: New windows save money. Here’s a look at the many benefits of new windows:

  • Insulation: Old windows let your air conditioning sneak out and noise sneak in. New windows provide better insulation that keeps your heating and cooling inside while also reducing noise from the street and neighborhood.
  • Energy Efficiency: Additional insulation means additional energy efficiency. Your air conditioning and heating will run less, which means reduced costs. You’ll stay comfortable through all seasons while reducing your utility bill.
  • Natural Light: You may not notice it, but your old windows become less and less transparent over time. When you get new windows, you’ll be surprised at how much natural light they let in. This reduces the need for lighting during the day and increases your home’s attractiveness. While new windows allow for additional natural light, they include technology that limits UV rays, protecting your walls, floors and furniture.
  • Home Security: Old windows can compromise your home’s security. When you choose new windows, they become a helpful and sturdy barrier against both the elements and any potential intruders.
  • Curb Appeal: New windows can make your home pop with attractiveness. As an added benefit, new windows are one of few home improvement projects that help owners recapture their investment upon resale.

If you’re considering new windows for your home in South New Jersey, Delaware or Pennsylvania, consider getting in touch with HomeStar Remodeling. We can provide energy-efficient windows that lower bills, increase security and enhance your home’s attractiveness.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

Choosing the right company.

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For most homeowners choosing the right company to remodel their home can be a long and stressful process. Homeowners must chose between small, often untrustworthy contractors or bigger more reputable companies who charge more money. Unless a homeowner knows a trustworthy contractor friend they are often left to guess on which company to use. Most homeowners simply want a company that’s trustworthy, has a great product, has reasonable pricing, and has a quality installation crew. Why is it so hard to find a company that offers this? Well, most companies are too focused on making money to care about product quality or are to disorganized to offer competent services.

Homeowners that use larger, more reputable companies will typically get a good remodeling experience with a decent product. Larger companies are used simply because they seem familiar, their logos can often be seen on billboards, trucks, and television. But does familiarity correspond to quality work at affordable pricing? Because these companies typically spend huge amounts of money advertising and marketing, their overhead is extremely high. These companies will pass on their high overhead to their customers by artificially inflating their prices on their remodeling products. However these larger companies will typically offer better warranties as well as higher quality installers than the small “one-truck” contractor.

Conversely, homeowners that use a smaller more unknown contactor will get a lower price than they would when using a larger company. However, the remodeling industry is one of the most heavily complained about industries in the country. Many of these complaints are due to the dishonesty and unreliability of small contractors who are doing whatever they can to keep their company solvent. Jobs that take weeks, sub-contracting, drugs, alcohol, unreliability, and dishonesty are words that have been used when describing local contractors. After the job has been paid for it can be extremely difficult to reach the contractor if any issues with the product arises. Not all local contractors are bad, and there are a lot of small contractors that do quality work. However, unless you personally know a small contractor or know a friend or relative who has dealt with them it is recommended that you do not take the risk.

So with all of this uncertainty in the industry what is a homeowner to do? At HomeStar Remodeling we understand this dilemma and strive to create a remodeling experience that blends the best aspects of both the big and small companies. We only use the highest quality window, roofing, and siding materials. At the same time we realize that the freshest food in the world does not make a good meal unless you have a quality chef; with this in mind we only the most highly trained installers are allowed to join our remodeling team. In order to keep our overhead low we use targeted marketing strategies rather than the “spray and pray” marketing strategies of other companies. We understand that once customers get their roof, windows, or siding installed they don’t want to ever have to worry about it again. We recognize this so here at HomeStar Remodeling all our products have lifetime-transferrable warranties that not only increase the homes energy efficiency but also increase the homes value.

It is recommended that before doing any job you get a few estimates to ensure that you are making a knowledgeable decision. Be sure that HomeStar Remodeling is one of those estimates.